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Mighty Speck Records


James Kasper, President & Founder.

DSC05112 - For James Kasper

After producing the Vancouver Island Music Awards for a decade, James founded Mighty Speck Records in December 2012 with a vision to build a record label with a grander purpose – one with a mandate for community, charity work, artist development, and youth mentoring. James’ post-secondary education is in Linguistics and Broadcasting (radio & TV), and he specializes in artist development. In 2008, Monday Magazine named Kasper the “Hardest Working Person in Local Music.” He is also a singer songwriter, with several albums and tours to his credit, so he relates to the challenges of independent artists and makes it his mission to take artists to the next level in all facets of what they do. James is passionate about the ongoing ambitious building process of Mighty Speck Records and proud of the wonderful family of artists the label represents.