David Hallam is an enigma. He is a troubador with the musical journey and brilliance of a veteran, co-mingled with the ambition and enthusiasm of an up-and-comer. His Zen-like approach to life both adds to his mystique and deepens his art. Composing and performing under the moniker Hallam Highwater, this complex yet approachable man speaks through a character-rich voice and emotive lyrics in songs like Wonderful Night, which appears on the album Mighty Speck Records: Various Artists Volume One.

“Wonderful night is about meeting my wife, and about finding a way to love somebody without having to assign ‘better, best and worse’ about who did what. It was a wonderful night when I first had the impulse NOT to disagree, in terms of those poisons…To have that  ‘let it go’ impulse take over was huge in giving me a chance to live a better life. That was a wonder all on its own.’ – David Hallam.

Hallam was was brought up in a gospel church, which is where he was taught to sing, 6 days a week, leaving a lasting impression on him, his performances forever saturated with the same intensity as his gospel roots. An engaging entertainer and prolific artist who has performed all over the world, David Hallam has written 400 songs in a variety of genres, including pop, gospel, blues, and country. Rest assured that when you get a chance to see Hallam Highwater perform, it will indeed be a Wonderful Night.

“The fountain of songs flowing forth out of this man is unstoppable. Hallam’s writings are as deep as the ocean, as dark as the abyss, and as warm as a campfire. His voice alone is worthy of great praise. David Hallam stands among the best and shines.” – Daryl Chonka, Producer, Old Growth Studios.

Sounds Like: Travelling Wilburys, Rodney Crowell, Bob Dylan. Influences: Hank Williams, Robert Johnson, Bob Dylan.

File Under: roots/country/folk/rockabilly.

Charitable Organization this Artist helps raise awareness for:

The ALS Society of Canada, founded in 1977, is dedicated solely to the fight against ALS/ Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and provides hope for those with ALS by supporting research into the disease and extensive public awareness campaigning.

Hallam Highwater Official Site

Hallam Highwater on Bandcamp


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