Greg Gomola was born and raised into music.  As a child he was
surrounded by relatives who carried the same passion he does for the
love and art of the muse.  Gomola’s philosophy is to find what’s real
and honest in today’s music – a true journey of hope and expression. His
music presents a wide scope of genres blended together in a shrine of
musical bliss. The sound grooves a vibe of freedom of musical
expression. Straight up old school driving rock beats are more noticeable in
tracks like “Modern day Marilyn Monroe” or “Crazy Life.” The creation
of Imagine, the LP and the song, demonstrates the heavy influence from the
likes of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn that is prevalent
throughout both albums he has written and co-produced. A very ska-infused Sublime feel is quite apparent on tracks such as “Keep it Real,” “Imagine,” and “New Day.”

The song becomes a banner for everything that is forgotten or
lost in the integrity of today’s world. Gomola sets his sights upward
and onward, riding his highway of musical freedom. With recent success
in music licensing and big stage festival gigs. Greg Gomola is here
bringing together the heart and soul of music to those who still

Greg Gomola is raising awareness for: Island Kids First

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