Dirty Dominion draws their inspiration from as vast a collection as they can find, and with frontman and multi-instrumentalist Colbie “Zen” Grieve at the helm, the driving force of this band is apparent: Awareness, and all that it entails. Currently a Comox Valley resident, Colbie’s passion for songwriting bloomed after he became a finalist for the Comox Valley Idol held some years ago, and since, he has travelled the country brushing shoulders and cutting his chops with amazing notable musicians, such as Juno Award winner Lamar Ashe, 2011 Vancouver Island Music Awards Female Vocalist of the Year Emily Spiller, Canadian Idol 4th place runner up (Season 7) Earl Stevenson, BC’s own Geoff McFarlane, with whom he recorded the album “Ouest Side Son” in Toronto, as well as current drummer, vocalist, and fellow band-mate, Justice “Fuze” Page. He’s taken an old saying, “Good food was meant to be shared” and repurposed it with a twist to fuel his passion, while simultaneously giving back to his community: “Good music was meant to be shared.”

Dirty Dominion helps raise awareness for the following charitable organization: Raising the Roof.