The above video tells you pretty much all you need to know about this record label, but just in case you prefer the written word…Mighty Speck Records is British Columbia’s community record label. Mighty Speck is based on Vancouver Island and features 18 artists from 9 British Columbia cities. MSR believes in contributing positively to the local and global community, artist development, and youth mentoring, and of course raising awareness for the music of these talented and socially responsible BC artists. Each artist on the label raises awareness for a charitable organization that is meaningful to them. Mighty Speck is a team, a community, a family.

“we are all mighty specks”

Contact Mighty Speck Records:

Ph: 778.350.9725

email: mightyspeckrecords@gmail.com

MSR on Twitter

MSR on facebook

MSR on YouTube

MSR on Bandcamp

MSR on Soundcloud

hashtag us: #mightyspeck

President & Founder: James Kasper

Founded: December 5, 2012



  1. I saw your poster in a Starbucks in Victoria…. I am a long time musician singer songwriter with one CD to my credit….how might one go about getting recorded on and supporting your label…. I love the ideas you are promoting…. A grass roots BC record label…. Yah!!!!

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